UBFit is a private boutique studio located in Northwest Houston. Our mission is to provide exercise routines that work for clients individual needs. Any trainer can provide a killer workout; the true challenge is in weighing the risks versus benefits of given exercises. UBFit trainers will assess individual clients fitness levels as well as health concerns and help clients achieve their fitness/health goals without causing injury. Manuela is committed to participate in continuing education seminars to bring more knowledge to her studio to serve her clients needs.

Our mission is to make every client feel welcome. Pilates will make you stronger from the inside out. It will undo the damages from a sedative lifestyle, as well as help people that are fit to stretch over-tight muscles. We want to help our clients living a healthier more energized life.

UB Fit was voted number one personal training studio two years in a row.

Where Does Pilates Come From?

Joseph Pilates was a German-born fitness guru who moved to the United States in the 1920s. There, in New York, he founded the first Pilates studio. Pilates has dance, martial arts, yoga, gymnastics, and ballet origins. It also has a focus on breathing awareness, spinal alignment, and core body balance.

Joseph Pilates did not intend his system to be "stand alone", but rather to be a foundation for other activities. It is not a system that is meant to make you dependent upon a trainer or a piece of equipment. It is meant for you to use to strengthen your body so you'd be better able to perform your daily activities and sports and its becomes a foundation for anything else you were doing. I think that's important because people tend to think that if you learn Pilates, then that's all you will do. Many people find out that after learning Pilates, it provides them with everything they need so they don't choose to do anything else - and that's fine too.

However, Pilates was an active man and wanted all people to be active and efficient in their activities. This is the foundation of Pilates.



Manuela was born in Germany and immigrated to the United States when she was 21 and became a naturalized citizen in the 90's. She studied Psychology at the University of Texas, Austin, Texas. In her late 20's and early 30's was the first time she started struggling with her weight realizing that she had to workout in order not to become one of those sturdy German women. She met her husband, who was a personal trainer at the time and learned the value of personal training first hand. After going through episodes of on and off "fad" diets she realized the best way to get to a healthy lifestyle was to eat food in its most natural state. Manuela is not just a great personal trainer she is a counselor and therapist. She is great at adjusting personal training sessions to the individuals needs and lives by the motto that she does not want to beat people down but rather build them up, however if you can handle an intense powerful workout - she is ready to give that to you!! Certified Pilates instructor holding several certifications from Balanced Body for Reformer, Exo-Chair, and Tower of Power, she is also a certified trainer holding certifications from the National Academy of Sports Medicine (NASM), BBU, and CES and is also certified to teach Piloxing. Manuela is the instructor for you if you want to learn Pilates and if you want personal training she will build you up not beat you down and help you live a healthier lifestyle.


Brittany Halen is a Houston based dance instructor and performing artist. She offers a wide array of options in dance based fitness! Whether it be achieving balance with ballet inspired barre fitness, or a unique cardio experience like tap dancing, Brittany will help you dance your way to wellness! Brittany is a teaching artist with Theater Under The Stars, and several other theaters and dance studios in Houston. As a performer, she has appeared as a vocal soloist with the Houston Symphony, as well as numerous productions with Houston theaters including Reefer Madness, Yankee Doodle Dandy, Avenue Zoo, White Christmas, Guys and Dolls, Scrooge, and Urban Cowboy with Theatre Under the Stars, Mack and Mabel and Failure; A Love Story with Stages Repertory Theater, and A Civil War Christmas, Madeline’s Christmas, and The Musical Adventures of Flat Stanley with Mainstreet Theater.

Benefits of Pilates

Increases strength and muscle tone; compliments all sports training; conditions efficient patterns of movement making the body less prone to injury; builds stamina; restores posture alignment; tones and builds long, lean muscles without bulk; heightens neuromuscular coordination; boosts efficiency of respiratory, lymphatic and circulatory systems; increases flexibility and range of motion; lowers levels of stress and overall tension; trims and flattens stomach and waist; relieves back pain and joist stress; enhances joint mobility; engages mindfulness.


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